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While you are enjoying the wedding breakfast we will be preparing your pictures for the evening display, choosing the best, tidying them up and printing the proof sheets which go up on the display. By the time we've finished we usually have between 150 and 250 pictures to show you and your guests.


At some stage in the proceedings, often when the reception venue is being prepared for the evening celebrations, we will erect our display unit and 19" screen. By the time your evening guests arrive, a slide show of your wedding pictures will be running on the display which will, if possible, be located where they will see it on their way in. On the top of the display will be thumbnails of all the pictures appearing on the screen.


If, as is often the case nowadays, your wedding is not until late in the afternoon, this is not a problem. We have done 4pm weddings in the past and the guests have still been able to see the pictures by about 8pm.


By the time the evening guests have arrived you will have distributed at least some of the free picture vouchers which we will have given you as part of the package. The guests who have these vouchers will be able to select a picture from the display, have it shown on the screen and, if they like it, exchange their voucher for a beautiful 8" by 6" print, made while they wait in less than a minute. Alternatively, they can have a series of pictures taken for them, see them on the screen within minutes, and have the picture of their choice printed.


We will stay with you until around 9.30. By this time all the vouchers will have been used, the buffet will have been served and the dancing started. If you wedding was a late afternoon one we will stay longer and ensure that all your guests have a chance to get their free pictures.


Before leaving we will hand you your preview album, which will contain all of the pictures shown on the display. You can take this with you on honeymoon and start choosing the pictures you want in your album (if you've nothing better to do that is!)


Within a week you'll be sent a CD containing all of the pictures together with a couple more pages for the preview album, including any photographs we took in the course of the evening. You then have everything you need to start the difficult job of choosing which of the pictures to include in your album.


We put your album together in a way that ensures that all your favourite pictures are included. Click here to see some examples of how your wedding album could look.


Click here for a few things we DON'T do.


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