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The day begins around half an hour before the ceremony at the ceremony venue with photographs of the groom, best man ushers and arriving guests. As an optional extra, we will come to the bride's home, or wherever she is setting off from, about half an hour before the transport arrives.


During the ceremony we will take photographs, if allowed, with or without flash, depending upon what the individual carrying out the ceremony is prepared to allow us to do.


What happens next is, again, entirely up to you. For church weddings, after you have been photographed coming down the aisle (looking relieved!) we usually take you back to the front and do some pictures at the altar. If the weather is bad we will take more pictures here, including a lot of the group shots.


Then, again it's up to you, we will go off to the location of your choice, local park / beauty spot, having taken a large number of informal pictures along the way.

The pictures at your chosen location will be taken quickly and efficiently, usually by two photographers. All the shots you want will be taken, plus a few that we know will look good.


We usually finish with a posed cake cutting shot before leaving you to enjoy your lavish feast. This is where our hard work starts, preparing the photographs in time for the guests to enjoy at the evening reception


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